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The Importance of Proper Grooming

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Weekly grooming is essential part of your Yorkies health and care. A well brushed clean Yorkie is also nicer to hug and pet and spend time with.  Yorkshire Terriers require regular professional styling and in between they will need their feet trimmed, ears cleaned,nails trimmed and coat brushed and combed to maintain at home  even if you were a beginner here are the tools of my trade

Slicker Brush  The technique  Of using this tool you must live down to the skin without scratching the skin and causing slicker burn to line brush with a slicker hold or hair clip the unbrushed hair back against the grain then using the  brush the hair back down, Row by row, inch by inch , I start at the feet and work up the legs then across the body and up the chest and neck don’t tug or pull it this will make brushing unpleasant for your Yorky gently detangler nights with your fingers by gently playing a part then continue to use the slicker at the very end of the coat working your way closer to the skin detangling spray maybe used by taking a good conditioner and diluting it in a spray bottle spray the knot slightly without saturating start combing gently working your way to the ski slicker brush is come in many sizes I suggest a smaller slicker brush without balls attach on end . Currently Chris Christensen Has a fabulous slicker brush called the mark II if you’re shopping at a local pet store make sure you run the slicker down your arm if it hurts you it will hurt your Yorkie 

Pin Brush  use in the direction of growth with the line brushing technique pin brushes are preferred for longer coats. If you were trying to grow your Yorkshire Terriers coat long this is the ideal brush make sure you apply an anti-static spray to the brush prior to brushing

Combs  regardless of the comb 

There is no special technique for the use as a general rule no comb should be used on an unbrushed coat it will pull and be painful untangles I prefer a metal comb that has two sets of teeth one widely spaced and the other closely spaced. For doing the top night I prefer a rat tail comb Chris Christenson has a wonderful metal rat tail comb and a half moon comb that is my favorite tool

Nails  as a professional groomer most of my clients dread doing the nails here is some tips dark nails are harder to trim them white nails and occasionally you may cut darker nails too short and they will bleed this is rarely serious and any healthy dog will clot in a matter of minutes you can apply a clotting aid or household items such as flour or corn starch by adding pressure for five seconds and releasing. To estimate the amount of nail to remove I prefer to do the nails backwards where the leg is bent the nails were curvature on the pad  if you trim the overhang level I will be safe by taking a little at a time Nails may need trimming as often as every week for size regime dogs running on grass will need frequent trimming more than those regularly walked on cement they are basically four types of nail clippers guillotine, scissor styled curved or straight or scissor style with a safety guard. Professional Groomers generally Dremel the nail after it’s trimmed to Dull sharpness

Prior to Bathing   As A professional groomer I prefer to clean and pluck ears Nails has her feet and private areas prior to any bath. Then I adjust the water temperature test the water on the inside of my wrist water that is too warm or too cold is a major cause of An unpleasant groom. One of my secrets is always dilute your shampoos it is easier to rinse off and it last longer spread the shampoo evenly into the dogs coats cleaning around the eyes should be done very carefully by hand after rinsing follow with the conditioner allow it to sit into the coat using your fingers to Gently push into the coat 5 to 7 minutes rinse towel wrap and start drying with the hand dryer use low to medium heat start at the feet and work your way up line brushing

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