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Puppy Applications

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If you are looking for a “cheap” Yorkie, please keep searching. I have invested a lot of effort into my Yorkshires DNA Testing and OFA clearance to clear issues  And longevity. Desensitizing our puppies and house training  has been started and needs continued training You could buy a cheap Yorkie and then spend thousands in medical bills and surgery like my very first Yorkshire that I purchased she had liver shunts and lived one year 

 I strive on perfect  temperaments and good genetics of careful planning of each mating


My Yorkshires have silk coats, a square body to the standard, and symmetric faces. All of our Yorkshire's ears will stand, some may need support temporary as they are still teething prior to going home. We are here to help with the transition and future grooming. We have 33 dedicated years in the breed without colour gene mutations.




I will hold a pup with a non-refundable deposit.  Please fill out our pup application. This isn't Walmart so please be sure you are 200% positive you want the Yorkie baby, as there are NO refunds on your Yorkie deposit. A Yorkie puppy is a lifetime commitment Of 15-19 years. This is not a refundable-oops I changed my mind- transaction. An emotional decision is not in the best interest of the Yorkie baby or for you! Yorkie puppies are clever And Terrifical Yorkies will bring you endless unconditional love. These Yorkies are raised to be sweet and affectionate. If your Yorkie has passed on, I do not believe you are replacing your Yorkie. I believe you are adding joy with a new Yorkie. This new addition fills the hole left in your heart! Only you know when you are ready for a sweet, loving baby Yorkie. Weekly updated pictures are provided to watch your baby grow until appropriate vaccines and vet check approved.  All our pups come with microchips and non-breeding contract.

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