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Socialization in our puppies part 1

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

To explain our early procedures of socializiation of our Terrifical puppies and how  to make your puppy understand what is expected of them when they go home,we tell new owners That the first three days in your home is what will imprint them to behave by showing where to eliminate themselves to where to eat or sleeps the  socialization starts with early develop  from the breeder

The first 20 days there is no fear stages as the puppies rely on the mother which should be comfortable with minimal stress  As the mother licks, snuggles and attends her puppies They  are desensitized by the mothers touch and create a trust bond Then at about the three week stage puppies learn by experience with natural Curiosity with each experience there ensuring confidence Whether it be the sound of the vacuum or introduction of a water bowl or clean blanket Or even a nail trim. Everything is brand new at this age  And should be done Slowly As puppies experience natural curiosity

At 4-5 weeks of age  You can start to see personality developement and more interaction between littermates the 6 to 8 week stage is an agamistic  behaviour stage that strengthens the puppies ability to identify something different this helps them generalize better  We Introduce different surroundings such as a  car ride to Desensitize  or even first bath and blowdry at very low speed

At 8-10 week stage This stage is the very reason why we keep our puppies till 10 weeks because it is the fear imprinting phase  may begin where they’re hypersensitive and can be  fear impacted by a negative experience that may last a lifetime of anxiety   Here is where we teach four simple factors Of puppydevelopment. Our primary goal is to build trust  in our Terrifical puppies’s mind  to trust all humans  and bond with people  and to build confidence  within themselves and the places around them out side the home amd to realize what is expected of your puppy whether it be appropriate behaviour  with direct contact and inderict

)Or opposite  negetive indirect contact like barking or lunging)

Which can be displeasing to the  nee owner and to reintroduce good behaivor to Avoid unpleasant Behaviour and redirect it with good behaviour for example,  While  on a walk, your pup may see something and act out with this behaviour at first it msy be new experience but what if it becomes repetitious?  How do we correct it to please us ? Or another example  come when called will they come while we’re outside how about in the kitchen?  will they do it all the time or just some of the time ?

With practice and persistence you build trust  between you and your puppy whom is resilient to that milestone in their experience

Now let’s talk about the negative side  of this subject   Have you ever seen an ill behaviour dog out of controll and the owner is doing nothing to correct it  or encouraging the behaviour by petting them telling them it’s OK good dog your fine  which is building more resistance  to the actual problem this can be troublesome  when  introduced fear  impacting triggers  and rewarding the behaviour Whether it’s a location fear  or memory fear maybe a more aggressive dog has hurt them so therefore they no longer like a big dog and show fear aggression or even try to bite

A built up  of fear impact can be difficult to erase that bad memory to correct and build confidence or another example

  retraining   Or untrain a habit like you let your puppy sleep in the bed with you but now as an older dog you would like them to sleep in their crate your puppy now dog wont understand and this breaks trust of expectations

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