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Puppy physical development 

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Your puppies senses and motor skills are withheld to let developed at 12-16 weeks 

 He will need to sleep a lot and he’s full of energy when he’s weak his bladder and bowel control will continue to improve 

Your puppy is inquisitive and interested in exploring the whole world around him right now his brain is geared toward soaking in everything that it can 

 I called the stage the socialization. Up to four months of age is the single most important. Influencing how your dog will behave as an adult Now is the time to build the foundation  for the rest of this puppies life in terms of his attitude towards you and other humans and of course other dogs it’s extremely important for your pup to have good experiences now being introduced to all 

Training tips  for housebreaking take your puppy out frequently and praise him lavishly for every time he illuminates outside do not let your puppy around the house unsupervised accidents will happen 

 With patients in a calm authority manner you can teach your dog exactly where to 11 eight and where he should not be patient some dogs get it faster than others number one the key to success is simple timing is everything number to take your puppy outside immediately after eating playing or nap approximately every two hours keeping the rigid schedule will prevent from making mistakes inside the home number 3  I recommend giving a command let’s go potty !  or let’s go Pee !At the moment your puppy is correctly doing his business outside eventually whenever you see this phrase the dog will alimanate On cue . 4 The puppies behaviour will let you know he needs to go outside if he whines pieces runs in a circle or figure eight  grab the leash and get out the door 5  mistakes happen if you catch your puppy eliminating in the house - and he will  -correct him With a firm but gentle know take him for a walk or in the backyard and praise him lavishly when he actually does do the business outside

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