I want a teacup Yorkie!

eople request for teacup yorkies all the time because they  believe they retain that cute puppy size their whole lives but just because they were last concieved does not make them  a teacup but the runt. In fact the Canadian Kennel Club and the American  kennel club do not recognize or classify size in the Yorksgire TerrierThe brred standard states not to exceed seven pounds.  If you have been thinking of getting one of these  teacup size, a reputable breeder is forbidden on using this word and in most cases will grow oversize to what the purchaser expects or have underlined health issues if the breeder is  not dilgent then they will health  test  prior  To becoming a new addition to your home.  However, there are a few things future puchasers need to know about the runt puppy  Not officially, Teacup puppy are not the same as toy dog , and are always smaller than the breed standard. There is alot of controversy on this word teacup that I prefer to drink out of.  Occasionally we have a runt born they are the smallest puppy  from a litter. For this reason, many say they are just the unhealthy runt of the litter. I will take the time and test their organs at a later date so I can Gaurentee the health of the runt. However, keep in mind the price is much larger to cover these organ tests and may develop and underline issue at a later date past our Gaurentee.


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